Sunnyside Dental is a leading Kelowna provider of Invisalign.

Why did we choose to incorporate this treatment into our practice? The answer is simple.

Invisalign is a successful and non-invasive way of straightening your smile.

What is Invisalign, exactly?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces!

Using a series of custom-fit, removable transparent trays, your teeth are gently moved into position over the course of your treatment. These aligners apply constant pressure to the teeth. Every few weeks, you will receive a new tray, designed to adjust your bite ever-so-slightly more. This gradual correction minimizes discomfort and ensures lasting results. In most cases, the whole process only takes about eighteen months (sometimes less!).

Invisalign trays are made from safe, medical-grade polyurethane resins. Similar to night guards, these are custom made to fit perfectly over your teeth. However, the material used for Invisalign (called SmartForce and SmartTrack) is thinner and much less cumbersome than those used in night guards, which means they’re much more comfortable. The key to Invisalign treatment is keeping the trays in at least 22 hours a day, even while you sleep. In fact, some patients benefit from the aligners reducing the amount of grinding they might do in their sleep so that they are smiling even more the next morning!


Is it Right For Me?

Orthodontics can be a complex issue. Your dentist will be able to recommend the best course of treatment, depending upon your individual dental requirements, personal preferences, and budget.

Here are some pros and cons to consider:

It’s discrete.

If you don’t want to look like you have orthodontics, this is the way to go! In many cases, people will not even realize you’re wearing them. This is one of the strongest motivating factors for adults (and teenagers) who need orthodontic treatment.

It’s versatile.

Invisalign can be effective in both simple and complex situations. However, it may not be the right solution for every issue –it’s essential that you discuss your needs and treatment plans with your dentist.

There’s less irritation and pain.

The trays are designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive. With no wires or brackets to scratch up the inside of your mouth, it’s easy to get used to wearing Invisalign. There’s usually a short adjustment period to get used to speaking with the trays in, and a bit of wax can resolve any minor initial discomfort with a new tray.

They’re removable.

While you need to commit to wearing the trays for at least 22 hours a day, they are removable for eating, drinking and brushing teeth. Very little disruption to your usual diet and easier oral healthcare are welcome features of Invisalign. If keeping the trays in most of the time proves problematic (some people forget to put them back in after eating, or find they unconsciously remove them at night, for instance), traditional braces might be a better option.

Cost is a consideration.

While the price of alignment treatment has come down in recent years, it can still be a big investment. Your budget is an important factor in your decision –you won’t have much reason to smile if you’re under financial strain. At Sunnyside Dental ask about payment plan options and we’ll make it affordable for you.


How Can We Speed This Up?

Depending on your personalized treatment plan, Invisalign can work faster than traditional braces. However, 1-2 years is still the normal range of time for successful results. This can seem like an eternity!

Our dentists encourage patients to utilize the Propel VPro5, which can accelerate the treatment time significantly. This device, used for 5 minutes a day, uses high-frequency vibrations to ensure the aligners are fitting exactly. The trays are “shaken into position”, ensuring that the micro pressure points are always doing their job. This is beneficial all around, as it shortens treatment time for the patients, and provides more predictable results for the dentists (which, in turn, means the dentist can make fewer refinements at each appointment). We’ve found that 5 minutes a day is a small enough commitment for most patients, and they’re more likely to follow through with the procedure. It’s worth it!


Let’s Talk

There are so many unique things to consider when choosing Invisalign. Talking to an expert is the best way to determine if it’s right for you. Sunnyside Dental offers a free consultation to help you sort through your options.

It’s important to make the best decision for your individual needs –we want to make sure you’re smiling in the end!


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