Sunnyside Dental is committed to being on the cutting edge of oral healthcare.

Our office utilizes the most modern equipment and procedures to ensure that our patients’ treatments are as easy and successful as possible.

We’re excited to announce that we’re once again moving forward!

With our new iTero Element intraoral digital laser scanner, we can get an extraordinarily accurate tooth map much faster than before.

While the days of unpleasant and messy putty impressions are long gone, our new scanner makes the whole process a breeze; the wand is smaller and much less invasive, it scans 6,000 frames per second, and is 20 times faster than the older model. Patients are able to see their colour, HD digital models within just a few minutes, which means visits are quick and easy.

For our Invisalign patients, that means that simulated outcomes are more accurate to predict, there are fewer fit issues, and incremental adjustments can be much more precise.  

This new scanner can be used for several clinical procedures. Patients in need of restorative dentistry, such as crowns and bridges, can expect much shorter appointments. Our dentists’ consultations are much more effective with these highly detailed scans.

This also means that we are now able to offer our no-charge Invisalign consultations in just minutes! Free and quick Invisalign assessments –who can say no? Let us help you get started on the road to a happier smile.

With this latest addition to our up-to-date office, Sunnyside Dental maintains its place as a leader in modern dentistry in Kelowna! Contact us to schedule a visit.